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What’s Better Than Ceramic? UltraCeramic!

What’s Better Than Ceramic? UltraCeramic!

Ever get cold feet walking on a stone or ceramic floor? That feeling of chills running up your legs? Do you really want to have to wear your socks all the time?

How about when you walk downstairs for a late night snack. You don’t want anyone to hear you, right? The creaks in the floor and the sounds of your footsteps give you away. The floor is your enemy.

And, cleaning is the worst. Life can get messy. The floor needs a sweep or deep cleanse every once in a while. But maybe your floor has cracks, and it starts to get really annoying when you can’t get to all the crumbs.

Your floors should be warm, quiet, and easy to maintain. As an alternative to ceramic and stone flooring, UltraCeramic is the perfect choice!

So, what makes UltraCeramic different?

For one, UltraCeramic is warmer, softer, and more comfortable when compared to ceramic or stone. Now you’ll be able to come home from work, unlace, and enjoy yourself… sock-free!

Second, since the tiles are made with a softer finish, UltraCeramic flooring offers a significant breakthrough with superior noise reduction. Furthermore, this quieter tile is also supported by the product’s rotogravure finish and urethane coating, which gives it a perfectly balanced gloss level – not too much, not too little. This authentic looking product with remarkably low sound levels will give you the beauty and hush to live comfortably in your home.

Third, with its limestone core, this product is harder and stronger than most high-grade groutable luxury vinyl tiles. But what does this mean? In the past, the market generally consisted of 16 x 16 tiles; however, the new 18 x 18 tile dimensions offer a larger, more traditional look (12 x 24 is available as well). This larger build offers more a durable and crack resistant tile, which is perfect for your busy family and furry friends. UltraCeramic’s traditional, balanced, gloss finish, and high-grade durability offer an easy-to-maintain lifestyle. No need to worry about the crumbs in the cracks anymore. If you need to clean, just sweep, occasionally mop, and enjoy the timeless surface.

Lastly, with a lifetime limited residential warranty and a 5 year limited light commercial warranty, homeowners can purchase UltraCeramic with confidence and promise.

From contemporary and rustic to timeless and elegant, UltraCeramic’s 8 collections have a look and style just right for your home. Their balanced gloss finish, neutral color selections, and larger tiles are perfect for large foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, and more!