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    Toli Vinyl Plank & Tile

    TOLI was first to introduce over-sized HVT to the market and they remain the standard for healthcare and education applications.  With broad stone color palettes, color and pattern run all the way through the flooring, reducing life cycle costs, even in high-wear areas.

    Toli Vinyl Plank & Tile Collections


    3mm, Homogeneous plank


    3mm, Homogeneous tile

    Kareina Asento

    2.5mm, vinyl plank

    Linotesta AdVantage

    3mm, Homogeneous tile

    Dynamic Stone AdVantage

    18″ x 18″, 120 mil wear layer

    Strataline AdVantage

    3mm, Homogeneous tile


    3mm, Homogeneous tile


    3mm, Homogeneous tile