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    A Preferred Partner

    Profitable solutions, trusting relationships, and timeless values

    Reliability and relationships have been the foundation of how we’ve done business for over 150 years.  This will never change.  Our goal is to be a trusted resource of products that provide unique value. We strive to be our customers’ preferred partner by providing products that are competitively priced, allow for timely installation, make living spaces inviting and beautiful, and provide lasting durability.

    Our five core values are an integral part of how we operate on a daily basis.  The values guide our decision-making process and are the cornerstone to how we relate with our customers, our manufacturing partners, and each other.



    To be the preferred partner with our customers and manufacturers through profitable solutions, trusting relationships, and timeless values.


    We deliver the Right Products and Services, to the Right Customers, at the Right Time.


    We care about each other.

    We play to win.

    We play by the rules.

    We want to earn your respect.

    We do what we say.

    Our History: Delivering the goods since 1865

    In 1865, Mr. William M. Bird set our history into motion. Seeing the need to rebuild a Civil War- ravaged Charleston, Mr. Bird acted on the opportunity to add value by leveraging the great relationships and contacts that he made while serving as a Charleston harbor ship captain and blockade runner during the war. His innovative vision at the time was followed by great opportunity.

    By bringing whale oil to light the city, lumber, and paint, William M. Bird and Co. became an important source of much needed provisions to the area. His rebuilding and expansion plans included a reliable route by using the schooner, “William M. Bird”, which brought goods from the Northeast to Charleston and Savannah. Though the vessel sank in 1899, the company continued to thrive and evolve into what we know today.

    From the earthquake of 1886, to the Great Depression, to both World Wars, and even Hurricane Hugo in 1989, William M. Bird and Co. has survived, adapted, and thrived with the times. We use the touchstone symbol of the “Golden Whale” as our trademark to represent quality and value. The Whale reminds us that we must offer the best products available while adapting to continually changing market needs.

    The cornerstones of our business are reliability and relationships. We know that being reliable and keeping our word is critical to maintaining the quality of the partnerships with our customers. We understand that quality relationships with our customers allow us to fully realize their needs. We also know that by acting on this knowledge, we are able to deliver the quality products that our customers require for success.

    Each and every day we strive to add value to you, our customers. By keeping this mindset in the forefront our hope is to continually build on Mr. Bird’s enduring legacy in the years to come.

    Celebrating 150 Years

    Reliably delivering the goods for 150 years through strong relationships with our family of suppliers, customers and employees.